Friday, May 12, 2006

golden horseshoe meets the rustbelt

I checked three sources (wikipedia, a U.S. Census Bureau map, and Business Week) and it would seem fair to conclude that Indianapolis is either in or on the fringes of the rust belt.

On Wednesday, indygirl listed a miscellany of facts... among them:

FACT: If you blog, there is a 90% chance that you either live in Toronto or Indianapolis.

Let's all try and think of some other similarities between Toronto and Indianapolis!
  • both are capitals (provincial/state)
  • Indy has hoosiers; Toronto has hosers (JAJAJAJAJA!)
  • both cities have NBA teams

    Here's the biggest difference I can see:
  • Indianapolis is just about dead-centre in the middle of the state; Toronto thinks it's in the dead-centre of Ontario (much to the annoyance of people in other parts of the province)

    Salem said...

    Indianapolis is not the most hated city in the nation among citizens that live anywhere else, but Toronto is.

    indygirl said...

    WoOt! Rust belt represented!!!

    Apparantly, people in both cities have nothing much to do either by the shear volume of blog entries.

    madamerouge said...

    That's a good one, Salem.

    Indy: I think we all have a case of Friday-afternoon-itis. My productivity today simply blows.

    Heidi the Hick said...

    According to Halifax, (although as nicely put as possible) Toronto actually thinks it is dead-centre of the whole damn country. Much to the annoyance of the rest of the country!

    Dead Robot said...

    Fuck the rest of the country! We have the best drive bys, the highest rent, the most turgid culture scene (except for improv comedy) and more restaruants per person in the entire country. Toronto is a major economic provider for Canada and the rest of this backwater whinefest of a jerkmobile of a country should shut the fuck up until they start putting the fuck up.

    Yeah I know the Maritimes and Calgary are pretty close. But what have those podunk provinces brought to the table? Trees. Beef. Beavers. Conservatives.

    When the rest of Canada starts getting cool places to go then it can whine about how dismal Toronto is.


    The Persian said...

    Toronto is fucking awesome, Indy is just NOT. There that's the difference. Oh yea and Toronto has you buddy!


    Butchieboy said...

    You know what Indy has that Toronto doesn't? SUMMER.

    madamerouge said...

    Heidi: I was waiting for someone to say that! It's one of the attitudes I've encountered & disliked most during my 12 years of living here

    Dead: "turgid" ... stop, you're making me horny

    PG: careful, I (think I) have an increasing Indy readership! LOL

    butch: we'll have to get you up here when we have a hot, humid July air mass parked over us, with no breeze, lots of air pollution from the Ohio valley, and temperatures in the high 90s

    Salem said...

    Oops. It never takes much to set that off.

    There are some words and phrases that can either bore or enrage a Canadian audience, including:

    "Constitutional Reform"
    "National Energy Program"
    "Toronto is (or is not) a great city"
    "My province doesn't get it's share of

    did I miss any?

    DogGirl said...

    Toronto has that scary interviewee who disrobed on camera... but you spell things with 're' instead of 'er' on the end and that makes you coolre.

    Butchieboy said...

    Yeah, eh.

    Anonymous said...

    Een leven tussen twee wierelden!

    car@ said...

    Hey! that anonimous speaks dutch! i can understand some, jeje!! :-)
    know nothing about Indianapolis and canada...
    how are ya doing Madame?? :-)

    The Valley Girl Philosopher said...

    Toronto has the very phallic CN Tower while Indianopolis has the very oval-shaped INDY 500 racetrack - if you know what I'm saying. The two were made for each other. What do you get when a tower and a track mate?

    Jason said...

    I want to screw the Indy 500 with my CN Tower.

    Kunstemæcker said...

    What's so cool about Indianapolis?

    wasted Andy said...


    Indian-apolisians (?) also say pop (where most Americans, as you know say "soda"). Anyway, you should come over and see me when I'm stoned - I'll take care of all your worries - "zo waarlijke helpe mij, God Almijtach" as my Papa says.

    Tot ziens, je vele vriend,
    A.N.B. (met je oude vriend Matthius).

    May 13, 2006 10:26 PM

    regretful Andy said...

    Whoops, sorry Mloyd.

    May 14, 2006 10:34 AM

    George Larson said...

    Almost every person in Torronto has a gay blog.

    There are no gay blogs in Indiana.

    That is the only similarity that I see.

    Brian FInch said...

    Butchie's blog is gay! It's on that site, so they gotta be right!

    I don't know, I've travelled alot, and if anyone from Toronto thinks their the centre of the universe, it just tells me that they really have been exposed to very little of the world beyond Canada's borders. It's a real provincial attitude. On the other hand, coming from out west, I get tired of their immediate attitude when they find out you are from Toronto, especially in Vancouver.

    Their just cities, and the world's got a lot of em.

    your judgemental aunt said...

    Indy 500, Molsen Indy
    We both have McDonald's
    I think that's it, no?

    Salem said...

    T.O. bloggers won't believe this:

    The wikipedia listing for Indianapolis says one of it's 5 sister cities is Scarborough.

    madamerouge said...

    Arg! I actually glanced at the "sister cities" section of that page when I was putting the post together. (And, apparently glanced right over the listing of "Scarborough/Toronto")

    Good eye, salem.