Thursday, December 28, 2006

Carrie Fisher is awesome

I'm back from my Christmas holiday. It's amazing what you can get done when you're not glued to a computer... I finally finished reading the October issue of Vanity Fair, and started November.

(Yes, I'm that behind in my VF subscription. I'm also carrying some extra weight. Goddamned BLOGGING.)

Imagine my delight when I turned to George Wayne's Q&A with Carrie Fisher. Fisher refers to her home as "Kennecuntport." And when Wayne asks her how she ended up in Star Wars, she responds, "I slept with some nerd. I hope it was George [Lucas]."

I absolutely love her.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

rouge-alicious def

This post is inspired by YJA's nasty comment from the other day. (He said that I should pretty myself up a bit if I want to meet a nice guy.) I decided to take his negative energy and turn it into something cheerful and life-affirming.

(Backgrounder: YJA and I have a long history of hurling insults at each other. Well, it's more of a one-way thing. But there's lots of lurve there--don't misunderstand me.)

YJA likes to poke fun at how I dress. Admittedly, there are times I can be stuck in the '90s. This is primarily due to my love of plaid. And yes, I did wear a plaid shirt to the Christmas party I mentioned in Sunday's post.

But here's the thing: plaid's back. Just ask Fergie... check out her awesome plaid dress in the video for "Fergalicious". I'm bringin' tartan back!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream

Thursday night I dreamed I was having a hot and heavy affair with Colton Ford. It wasn't so much a sexually detailed dream as it was emotionally intense. Colton was already in a relationship in my dream. We were cheating. Plus, he was a guest where I work, which can so get me fired in real life.

The theme of unavailable men continued on Saturday night at a Christmas party in Cabbagetown. A few weeks ago, the host told me about a hot twentysomething that he thought would be perfect for me. And I met him at the party. Hot, most definitely.

But my friend left out a crucial detail: the partner of several years.

Another party guest was a seriously tall & cute guy I met last winter. Partnered, according to reports. Well, after six drinks, I found a moment to tell the tall guy how attractive he was, and to ask if he was still in a relationship. He replied that he was. Tall guy was exceptionally gracious and kind about the whole thing--and spent quite a bit of the remaining night chatting with me.

I wanted to shout at him: "why couldn't I have met you first?"

This is not an easy time of year to be single.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Last week, some coworkers and I went out for lunch in The Toronto Star building. Its cafeteria features a view of Toronto Harbour, and I enjoy looking out the large windows. I get to see the planes coming in for a landing at Toronto City Centre Airport. And there's always the hope that I'll spot some ducks on the walk there.

On this occasion, I watched a tugboat pulling an enormous crane barge west from the port lands. Immediately, I flashed back to one of my favourite books as a child: Tuggy the Tugboat by Jean Horton Berg.

I hadn't thought of the book in a long, long time. I'm going to try and dig it out of storage at my parents' house over Christmas. From what I can remember, the imagery was dark (a storm or inclement weather was involved) but not scary. The city setting (presumably New York) looked enormous to this small boy from the wilderness of northwestern Ontario. And although I grew up around water and boats, the might of a tugboat certainly impressed me.

There are times when my inner child comes back from the dead...

Monday, December 11, 2006

weekend recap

  • on Friday night, I watched Mean Girls on TBS. I'm starting to think that Lindsay Lohan is actually talented.

  • on Saturday, there was a big Christmas party at Jason's. His room-mate is a really good cook, and the food was incredible. A few of us were recruited to be on the decorating/prep committee, so I poured my first drink at 4 p.m. (four hours ahead of the party's official start time). Mistake!

  • I owe Salem $10. I'm giving you a blog IOU, dude.

  • I was hurting on Sunday, but I had another Christmas party to go to... this one given by a neighbour in the afternoon. I stuck to Perrier, and one glass of champagne.

  • at the party, I discussed my lack of need for a cellular telephone. Around that time, my brother was repeatedly calling my apartment to get my assistance, as my sister-in-law was in the city with a flat tire. Sorry. At least now you know how to perform this vital automotive skill. It's better you learn it in the Park'N'Fly lot than on the side of a freeway in a storm. At night.

  • on lastnight's American Dad, the headline in the Langley Falls Post read, "New York City bans trans fats; Fat trannies still allowed"

Friday, December 08, 2006

Josh Stamberg

Meat Meet the eighth entry in my Top Ten List.


Here's Josh Stamberg as "Sarge," the paintballer who had a threeway with Keith and David in the third season of Six Feet Under. He played a no-nonsense, no-drama gay guy who oozed sex and a comfortable, natural masculinity that had me, um, standing at attention.

On Monday's episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, he guest starred as a movie producer who offers Harriet a major role--and states that he wants to date her. I hope this is a long story arc, because I can't get enough of this man. Josh... you're hot! Please, update your IMDB page with some photos and your role on S60!

(While you're at it, needs work.)

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

poop in the lake

I've fretted previously about waste water entering the Great Lakes. Last week, the Sierra Legal Defence Fund released a major study on the amount of raw sewage being dumped into the Great Lakes. It's a disgusting problem, and we are right to be concerned about what's going on upstream from us here in Toronto. We should also be ashamed of ourselves, as a city, for letting our own problems with untreated sewage discharges persist for so long.

In the Great Lakes Sewage Report Card, cities in the region are graded according to the amount of raw sewage that enters the watershed. Most typically, problems occur when rainfall overwhelms the sewage treatment system. Detroit, Cleveland, Windsor, and Toronto are the biggest offenders. (Buffalo and Toledo refused to provide the study with data; Chicago gets a good grade, but its waste water is diverted into the Mississippi watershed.)

Yesterday, when I visited my ducks (who are doing just fine, by the way), the water clarity of last week was replaced by turbidity--a sign of the recent rains.

I think the only creatures who should be allowed to poop in the lake are the ones that were here before humans came and fucked everything up.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Lastnight's episode of Family Guy was a repeat, but it was a classic. There's a lot of gratuitous violence in Patriot Games, and a brilliant scene where Lois drills a hole through the wall so she can spy on Tom Brady having a shower. Best of all is this musical number that Peter breaks into during a New England Patriots game:

I laughed until I cried.