Monday, March 19, 2007

he's not fat--he's just right!

Sorry... I don't have very much time... I'm voting for Joey Fatone after seeing him in Dancing With the Stars. I'm allowed 11 calls from my telephone line. [giggles] This is so unlike me!

He's so loveable. Smack that! AW YEAH! 6'1" of pure WOOF. Plus... a great sense of humour, killer smile, gorgeous hair, self-effacing... It's high time I go public with my crush on Joey. He's number nine on my Top Ten List.

(I'm in need of a cuddle.)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

You are coming to a sad realization. Cancel or allow?

I didn't clog for two weeks. Pablo asked "where do you go when you go away?" I didn't go anywhere, but I got a fuckload of stuff done:

  • I really focused on work, and finally got on top of things
  • exercise (swimming & walking)
  • buttsecks
  • established a healthy sleep pattern
  • uninstalled a hog of a computer security program (rhymes with "Florton") and replaced with a better program... thus preventing me from throwing my computer off the bacony in a fit of frustration
  • saw The Lives of Others. God, I miss Berlin.
  • kept up with household crap like cleaning, dishes, and laundry
  • applied for a new job
If I had done all of this stuff plus clogging... well, I couldn't. My sleep would have suffered. And I don't function when I'm sleep-deprived.

I have missed the clog camaraderie; sadly, in order to achieve some very pressing goals (new job, weight reduction), something must be extracted from the schedule.

I haven't quit the clog. Yet.