Thursday, July 26, 2007

Clematis on Japanese Maple

Outside my building last night, I noticed one of the clematis vines making a break for it -- creeping onto the branch of a nearby Japanese Maple. I made a note to go back in better light and get a picture for I always win.

I went to bed, but couldn't unwind. As 2 A.M. approached, I panicked and took a 'pam. I managed about four hours of sleep, and woke up before my alarm went off. I had some orange juice, and went outside with my digital camera to shoot the clematis. But the plant was in shadow. I took a series of flash and naturally-lit pictures, headed back up to my apartment, put on some coffee, and started to download the images. I had some technical problems, and before I knew it, it was after 7:30. I still had to shower, dress, drive to Sunnybrook for a blood test, then go to work. At the opposite end of the city. On four hours of sleep.

The day was full of frustrations like that. I don't normally drive to work, but on my blood test days, public transit takes too long. I spent more than an hour's wage on parking today, but that's the price of speed.

Driving home after work, I get caught in a traffic jam. Yonge Street is closed for some inexplicable reason. Pulling into my building, there's a car in my parking space. Security doesn't return my call.

My current favourite gardening show is Digging Deep. On a recent episode, the highly entertaining hosts touted the healing/serene qualities of Japanese Maple. And so, I dedicate this post to Pablo, who is arguably having a shittier time of it than I am right now. Here's the least-crappy picture I took this morning... 'cause sometimes, we just have to go with what we have.

P.S. - Pablo, you should know that two weeks ago, I was trying to decide between checking myself into a psych ward or going on vacation. I Googled nervous breakdown. I'll be thinking about you.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm back from the island vacay
Sunburned my face but not my vajayjay
Don't want to go to work today

That was a little poem for you. Here is a picture I took Thursday night:

Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm off work this week. Tomorrow, I'm going up to a coworker's cottage near Sudbury. It's the pink route on the map below. Pink, because it's going to be two gay guys and two lesbians. We're queering it up real nice in the 705.

I'm back on Friday evening.

Although I hadn't planned on it, I got a bonus trip to another cottage on Saturday the 14th (red route on map below). It was just an overnight, but it was great. I got to see a former blogger, play some Euchre, and have an eight year-old tell me that I "really don't have a lot of hair." LOLz. Out of the mouths of babes.

Toronto, of course, is circled in acid green -- representing a frequent state for our summertime air.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

eight: not a good number of spokes

Skitzzee Mitzzee tagged me yesterday. Eight random facts or habits about yourself. Fack. Thanks Mitz. Since I did a version of this meme in January (see six weird things about me k thx bai), I'm going to refer you to that post, and add two things to it:

  • I have a bad temper. I know, I'm a redhead. Total cliché. Today, I wanted to smash my radio when it played Daughtry. And as a pedestrian, I have been known to hit/kick cars that cut me off or nearly hit me.
  • when it comes to alloy wheels, I like five-spoke the best. I'm not partial to three-spoke or even numbers. Let me illustrate with a selection of pictures!

My Saab 9-5 has this type of wheel:

This is the 3-spoke that made me decide against the nicer, better-equipped Aero model (plus the fact that I wanted a V6 engine). There's too much open space, and my eye can't reconcile the three spokes and five bolts:

Here is a 6-spoke wheel... from a 9-7X (the SUV that Saab doesn't sell in Europe). It looks like a Trivial Pursuit gamepiece. On the plus side, it has six bolts:

Note how I didn't tag anyone... this post was just an excuse to talk about spokes. Oh, and if you looked at the January list, please note that I have a different schema for appreciating hubcaps.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The more you know...

I saw Toni Collette on tv Friday night, performing at the Live Earth concert in Sydney Australia. I had no idea she could sing. Apparently, she has a band: Toni and the Finish.

Last night, I got more proof of her singing ability when a local station aired Connie and Carla. Not the best movie, but alright to have on in the background as I fold laundry. At least I learned something: the etymology of drag. (If Nia Vardalos is right, it's an acronym for "dressed resembling a girl" and originated in Shakespeare. I don't remember that from my Shakespearean English course at university, but then again, the professor was atrocious.)

It's never too late to expand your gay horizons. On Saturday, I had sex with a gay trucker. [Strikes item from list.] No, it wasn't in the sleeper cab.

I have been preoccupied with a new home computer. Thanks to my friend YJA, I now have a much faster, up-to-date machine. And thanks to my friends Marc and Jason, it's now set up and running smoothly.

This should mean more attentive/regular blogging!