Sunday, January 27, 2008

the funniest FSA in Canada

I'm still obsessed with LOLcats. I fight the urge to use kitty pigdin in every e-mail I send. In conversation, I find myself using "LOL" in situations where I want to convey something funny. It's completely out of hand.

My embrace of anarchy is limited to the LOLcat grammatical kind. In most other aspects of life, I am a rule follower -- for instance, postal codes. Most of my American friends had never heard of the + 4 before I came along -- and I'm Canadian. As for my Canadian friends, I drive some of them crazy with my insistence upon the proper usage of the Canadian postal code. Did you know that hyphenating a postal code can interfere with scanning equipment, and possibly delay the delivery of mail? It's true. Punctuation should be avoided. Fixed-width fonts should be used. And never use the # sign. NEVER!

This brings me to the FSA (forward sortation area) of the Canadian postal code. I want to live here, because it just might be the funniest area of Canada:

Of course, the FSA for that area of Ontario is L0L (L zero L), not LOL. But... it's pretty close, eh?


Saturday, January 19, 2008


This week, I saw the Neville Park "mini-ravine" for the first time. I was driving down Victoria Park Avenue to meet a friend in the Beaches neighbourhood. Vic Park gets very quiet and residential down by the lake. It jogs slightly to the east at Bracken Avenue... and that's where I had to stop and take a look.

In front of me was a landscape I had never seen before, yet it was strangely familiar. I've had a recurring dream about an almost exact replica of this beautiful, south-facing, tree-lined ravine.

The light was poor, but I took a photo anyway. You can see Lake Ontario in the background.

On my way back home, I got this shot of downtown Toronto on Kingston Road, just east of Woodbine. Again... not the best light. I shot several, but my hands were freezing and the best vantage point was in the middle of the road.

Once home, I did this:

It's basically the same thing I've done with this blog. I haven't quit or bailed on it for Facebook, but I needed to unplug for a while. I've been getting used to some management changes at work. I'm also getting used to a new régime of anti-depressants. Let's hope the third SSRI's the charm!