Wednesday, July 09, 2008

because I nearly hurled watching Iron Chef last night

It was some sort of disgusting cheese extravaganza. I watched a chef take a chunk of slimy, mouldy Gorgonzola, throw it in a food processor, and turn it into a vomitous slurry of utter puke-tacular horror. I gagged.

It reminded me that I haven't bitched about disgusting barf cheese lately. But it has been on my mind since reading this AFP story about a European cheese scam involving the reuse of cheese that was unfit for human consumption:
"The rotten cheese, containing mice droppings as well as residue from plastic wrapping and ink labels, was mixed with fresh cheese products and used to make cheeses such as mozzarella and gorgonzola."
No, I know. I'm the unsophisticated non-foodie who is disgusted by cheese that smells like a big puddle of sick. With mould.

In case anyone needs reminding of the science behind this:

- from Wikipedia