Sunday, June 03, 2012

moving on to phase 3

I've made great progress in the diet, reaching my goal weight (205 lbs) nearly 2 months ahead of schedule. I was able to stick to it... pretty much. There were days when I had some extra oat bran: snacky times when I was staring down a sleeve of saltines, and (wisely) opted to have some yogurt and oat bran instead. On the Victoria Day long weekend, I gave in and had some alcohol.

Luckily, I didn't seem to do much damage.

Onward to the consolidation phase. which I'll be on for 237 days (5 days for every pound lost). I'm off to the grocery store to get some apples, whole grain bread, and cheddar cheese.

weight 205 lbs (47.4 lbs)
19.7% body fat
61.5% water weight
38.7% muscle mass
 4.0% bone mass

body statistics, 3 June 2012