Monday, December 19, 2005

TTC bus vs. Infiniti SUV

Part of me so wished that the driver of the TTC bus I was on this morning hadn't practiced good defensive driving, and instead had hit the Infiniti SUV that cut him off by city hall.

We weren't going fast. No one would've been killed.

I've ridden this route for years. On one near-miss occasion, I was sitting behind the bus driver, who remarked, "I could've hit that car, but I don't feel like doing the paperwork tonight." I love it.

Infiniti idiot: do you think you're a match for a vehicle that is several times your weight and size? Do you think that driving an SUV makes you invincible?

Bring it, mofo.


Carrie said...



Jason said...

I only like when good things happen on bus rides.

your judgemental aunt said...

Poor Mloyd has SUV envy...Don't be upset you have a station wagon that breaks!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Anyone who drives an overpriced SUV like that deserves more than a little ding.

It's great because here in Boston that kind of stuff goes down daily. Except the buses don't back down. They are lord-god-king-right in the traffic world. So much that you have to call an automated line when the bus takes you down a notch. That's quality.

Remember: Don't take if its bigger than you.

Great post!