Wednesday, April 12, 2006

the m4m trifecta and me

This post is an expansion on why I cried last Friday. It also explains why I dread Valentine's Day.

The m4m* players:

"C" - looks very much like me, except shorter. Works near me; we sometimes bump into each other. Nothing ever happened.

"L" - I actually met (& slept) with him some years back. I was crushing; him--not so much. We lost touch after he moved away.

"K" - probably one of my top 5 "Internet meets" (not meat)... could not be more my type

Valentine's Day 2005: I'm getting coffee across the street. C is also getting coffee, and surprise! He's with L. I ask L when he got back to Toronto, and find out that he "moved back for this guy." (He points to C.)

Summer 2005: While on a Church Street patio, I see someone who looks very much like K. Since I've only met K online, I find an appropriate moment and introduce myself. "Hey, I thought you looked familiar, too" he says. We chat. I find that looking directly at him is like staring into a bi-xenon headlight. He reveals that he's not single.

Winter 2006: back in the infamous coffee place across the street, I run into C again. This time, he's with K. WTF?

April 7 2006 (morning): C gets on my bus and sits by me. We chat. He stayed over at L's lastnight. I try not to picture the sex. I casually bring up K, and learn that C and K have known each other for many years. C hired K (this is a company that did not respond to my application a few years back), which is why I saw them together a few weeks ago. I mention how I know K (it's cool... C and I have sent each other naked pictures... why not?). I find out that K is still "not single."

Ready for the knife-to-the-heart? I wasn't.

Says C: "K's boyfriend is tall like you--maybe a bit taller--and has almost the same hair colour as you. Isn't that funny?"

No, it's not.

I get nothing. Perfecta? Trifecta? NOFECTA.

* m4m is a gay hook-up website


teh l4m3 said...

Well clearly there's nothing left for you to do other than flee to a cabin in the middle of nowhere (Sasketchewan), grow your beard, write a bizarre manifesto, send out a few letter bombs, and bite your pillow and cry.

(I laugh only because I've been in a similar emotional space...)

madamerouge said...

I only like biting the pillow if I have, ahem, company...

Jason said...

I don't even know a C, L or K. I get less.

your judgemental aunt said...

ummmm...maybe you should try dating to take your mind of these issues.

Dead Robot said...

Being caught up in this kind of frustrating web of happy couples while remaining the odd man out is pretty soul crushing. But take heart in knowing that all three are probably headed for a messy divorce, a crappy move back to where they came from and bitter grumblings in a few years time.

Or not. They might become a threesome relationship that is really hot with the kids these days.

I'm too busy playing video games to worry about it.

Carrie said...

did you happen to notice that your judge mental auntie linked you as SADDER on her clog?

I'm SAD, Jimmy's SADDEST...lmao cheer up, all men are jerks..oh you already know that BITCH!
jk xoxoxoxoxoxox

r-e-n spells ren but i'm raw said...

i get nothing

Butchieboy said...

Why don't you date Jimmy? He seems like such a nice old lady.

George Larson said...

Dude. Your life is so fucked up.

You remind me of Seinfeld. Are you sure that you're not just a drug induced dream?



tornwordo said...

Stop it with the poor me shit! That'll get you no where.

Also, I'd like to extend a giant hug with really warm feelings.

your judgemental aunt said...

Actually butchie they had a date this past new year's eve. Here's a pic

MrsViddy said...

That is a sad story ... Valentine's Day is stupid.

Dead Robot said...

You know what? There are at least 23 other letters in the alphabet.

Natasha said...

Good one, Dead Robot. Ask him to tell you about S.