Monday, February 27, 2012

hello-o-o ketones

DAY 4: I feel great. Felt great yesterday, too. Hopefully, I'm through the worst of the carb withdrawal. Dr. Dukan says it's all due to the ketones... in some dieters, the effect can be euphoric.

My system has also adjusted in other, um, important ways. Yesterday, I was beginning to feel a bit like Nibbler. You see, I was a day late starting the oat bran component of the diet. In last week's preparatory shopping, I couldn't find a product with milling & sifting properties listed in the book. Being prone to rule-following, I spent most of Saturday morning in a resumed search for oat bran. (It's why my first meal on Saturday was delayed.)

From what I can tell by trolling the Web, I'm not alone. More on this in a future post. To summarize: I bought oat bran on Saturday, and "things" are better today.

weight 248.6 lbs (no change)

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