Saturday, February 25, 2012

thou shalt not skip meals

DAY 2: Although I didn't intend to, I ate breakfast very late today... it was more of a brunch. I had a nap this afternoon, and then ate a full dinner (leftover steak, albacore tuna, a kosher dill pickle, and fat-free yogurt). I spent the evening reading more of the Dukan book, but I was feeling... off.

And then I re-read the part where Dr. Dukan talks about the protein needs of the human body. 1 g of protein per 2 lbs of body weight. So I audited my protein intake for the day. Sure enough, it fell short: 109 g instead of 125 g.

Important stuff. If we don't get enough protein in our diet, our bodies have a nifty way of taking it from places we may not want it to... like our muscles.

A big tall glass of skim milk, and I was back on track. I honestly felt better afterward.

weight 248.6 lbs
27.3% body fat
55.7% water weight (proving that my lost weight isn't water)