Wednesday, November 02, 2005

my head nearly exploded

I have a bit of a thing for cops. When I consider what happened to me today, I'm surprised I didn't drop dead.

There was a police protest march in Toronto this morning. Unfortunately, its start point was right where I work. I pulled into my usual parking lot. There were already lots of police officers milling about. I waited behind a couple of other cars and finally pulled up to the cashier's booth. He said, "I'm sorry, parking today is for police only. Go to the next lot." By this time, there were vehicles behind me and cops on foot everywhere. I blurted out, "you mean I can't park here because of this bullshit?"

That's when one of the nearby officers' ears perked up.

"What do you mean, bullshit?" he asked.

I glared at him and powered my window up.

So now I had to do a three-point turn and exit. This wasn't easy, because the enormous outdoor parking lot was now spilling out cops heading to the protest.

Have you seen pictures of drivers on country roads surrounded by livestock? That was me in my car, having to (non-agressively) sound my horn to get the cops to move. It took forever to get out.

I parked in the next lot and walked down the street to work. This is when I started to notice that they weren't all fat middle-aged cops like the one who called me on my remark. In fact, there were tons of young, hot, buff cops. My head was reeling; I tried not to stare. Some of them were wearing cologne; the smell of freshly-showered men washed over me in waves.

By the time I got to my office, I had to close my door and put my head down on my desk for a few minutes.


Jason said...

Me want to make a sex to them now!

Carrie said...

Jason commenting at 1am means he will walk in to work today at 930 or later, for the record it's 922am and he's still not here.... brother is a cop...he was in that protest, he's 39 and is the male version of me...very cute. just want to drool a little....never mind you should see his partner...WOAH!!! Steve, is the HOTTEST...holy smack damn...he's 31, Spanish..momma save me from my dirty thoughts....and yes i have a thang for cops too...but i have an "IN" if only i could get over my shyness and be able to talk to them.....workin on it. xo

madamerouge said...

Are you trying to kill me? You have a brother who's a police officer, and he's gay?

OK NO, you're shitting me. I get it now.

madamerouge said...

Did your brother misbehave yesterday and wear his uniform? Chief Blair got mad at the ones who wore their uniforms.

Mitz, we'll have to hit 911 Tuesdays (or is it Wednesdays) at Crocodile Rock, and pick us up some cop tail.

Anonymous said...

Clacker... my brother has a few gay cop friends he works with... maybe we should have drinks with them when I am home again...but I think most do undercover stuff like him... so no Tammy! Paul

mitz said...

no Tammy...lmao!

and no he's not gay....but he is a cop and no he didn't wear his uniform.


Anonymous said...

i hear jason didn't make it in today. poor dear must have caught a cold.... HUGE GAMES. love the story mloyd. can totally picture you just losing it. love it! jooles

sirbarrett said...

These were good cops bad cops. I heard the head of the department was very angry that they were wearing uniforms and carrying guns as part of the protest: "these are symbols of our authority, and these symbols cannot be used, and the authority cannot be used to advance personal interests" I wonder if the cops just decided to be paracops that day and do whatever they wanted to drive their message in the face, though the police union shot back at the man who ordered them not to wear uniforms saying saying it was an unlawful order.

mitz said...

jason has deleted yet again...we sure are a lot alike. no i know...shhhhhh.

Jason said...

It's back now.