Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tori Amos, Sony Centre, 23oct2007

I just got back from seeing Tori Amos in concert at The Sony Centre with Thistle. This is the 7th or 8th time I've seen Tori live -- I have to go through some shoeboxes, find the ticket stubs, and get an exact tally.

What can I say? I love you, Tori (there! I said it on my blog, instead of yelling it out during the show). "Space Dog" sent chills through my body during both of its bridges. And I loved how Pip gave us all the finger after she finished.

I'll close with the refrain from the end of Hey Jupiter - The Dakota Version. These lyrics have always blown me away. Tori played it tonight as her final encore.
I go from day to day
I know where the cupboards are
I know where the car is parked
I know he isn't you


Dead Robot said...

A solid month between posts and you mention this?

I want tears! I want joy! I want drama! If I wanted celebrity I'd go to TMZ

Glad you had a good time. I always get her confused with Tori Spelling.

madamerouge said...

Blogging is hard when:

-there's a new season of tv
-you have a new boss and must keep your Internet use 100% legit
-you're trying to get biceps and delts
-FaceCrack keeps everyone else busy

Jason said...

Shoebox with old concert ticket stubs?

WTF is a "Pip" ?

I'm shocked that this "Pip" gave everyone the finger. Wasn't this the potty-mouth Tori Amos concert after all?

Get on facecrack.

Miss Thistle said...

Best Tori concert yet. She gets better and better each time I see her. If she'd played Cool On Your Island I would have melted away right then and there.

And "boo" to the fuck who yelled out during Winter. Yay to Tori for her whispered "eat me" retort.

madamerouge said...

Is that what she whispered? I meant to ask you. I LOVE IT! I was pissed at that guy, too. He interfered with an emotionally intense (and purposefully silent) moment in the performance of that song.

Phronk said...

I'm not gay or nothin', but I really really love Tori Amos.

sirbarrett said...

I LOVE her!

Miss Thistle said...

Got an envelope safely in the mail yesterday - thanks!

Super jealous of your biz card, it's so cute! Mine sucks now...