Tuesday, June 09, 2009

misogynistic doosh begets misogynistic doosh

Roth's hometown (Morrisville PA) is not in the southern US. The last time I checked, if you're north of the Mason-Dixon line, you're in the north. (The article can be found here.)

Whatever. I still cringe when I hear "I Love College" — just as I cringe when I see/hear/read about Eminem. Despite Roth's claims in ILC ("I love women" and "don't have sex if she's too gone"), the video has a fair share of misogynist imagery. And I've read enough about his other songs to conclude that he has a lot to learn about how to treat women with respect.

Oh, and Asher? Putting two condoms on is not* an effective means of protection.


sirbarrett said...

Whether or not you respected him, Eminem is, or at least was, talented. I haven't ever heard of this kid but he seems a presumptuous goof who's trying to ride in on the coat tails of a dead horse already beaten. Or maybe I'm just too old for fratboy bs.

Phronk said...

Never heard of him before this second, but I feel like I've hated him my whole life.

Jack said...

I thought the fail was that they didn't capitalize Southern. But there was so much more.