phase 1 complete

Dukan recommended 6 days of attack phase for me; I ended up doing 8. I simply ran out of time to go shopping for the allowed vegetables.

I'm still feeling pretty good. It was a long work week, and (as usual) I was quite tired by the end. I did have a couple of cravings for something sweet & processed... something easy and boxed. I chalked it up to lack of sleep, and stuck to my guns.

I started the cruise phase yesterday. I almost can't believe I've gone 10 days without eating bread, pasta, or starchy vegetables! I don't think that's happened since I started eating solid food as a baby.

This is awesome. I know there may be difficult times in the next few months... times when I really want peanut butter or an alcoholic beverage. But the end of July will be here before I know it.* If I can keep my eyes on the prize (205 lbs by the end of July), I'll be fine.

weight 245.8 lbs ↓ (6.6 lbs)
26.8% body fat 
56.1% water weight 
35.2% muscle mass 
3.7% bone mass 

* cruise phase lasts until then


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