Monday, October 17, 2005

this is so west coast

My friend Paul, currently visiting me from SF, brought me this poster that was apparently all over the Castro during Folsom. It appears to not be associated with any particular organization or support group... I'm guessing that someone made it him/herself and decided to paste it on light standards. I love points #8 and #10. And I love the little cub on the right. WROWR!

(Alright, alright. Confession: madamerouge secretly envies the progressiveness of the west coast; having lived in Seattle and spent time in Vancouver and San Francisco. But from time to time, things like this poster just strike madamerouge as so granola as not to be believed.)


Shora said...

Uh, can anyone say "manscaping" on the west coast?

madamerouge said...

Oh, Shora... maybe on the older daddy one, but not on the younger cub one. WOOF!

Carrie said...

you're all granola and woof! jk...i wuv wooz.

mloyd...go there, get a buff dude, bring him back and get hitched....easy're so cute, shud be no problemo.

sCruuw said...

I like 10 too.. I live by it!