Monday, February 02, 2009

Matt Light? WOOF!

Good LORD this man is hot (dancing football stud on the left):

Matt Light plays for the New England Patriots. I don't watch football, but I pay attention to the Superbowl ads the next day. I had no idea who Matt Light was until this ad. Damn! He even has his own charitable foundation.

HOW HOT IS HE? Jeebus! And he can dance! I wonder if he'll do Dancing with the Stars one day.

I am in bear heaven.



Tom Gaylord said...

i want him to nuzzle my arse with his sexy manly beard

Dead Robot said...

he dances like a girl.

Yeah I guess I'd do him. If I have to. Sigh.

SharkBoy said...

All man, all the time!

Butchie said...

Jesus Christ. That commercial was a fucking turd.

madamerouge said...

Tom: I want to nuzzle his sexy everything with my manly beard

DR: when he dances, I go mad with desire. His move-busting makes me hoe-knee.

S-boy: HELLZ yes!

Butchie: the commercial isn't the point. The delicious buffet of beef is the point. (Don't worry; it's a gay thing. I'll explain it to you later.)

Jack said...

MR likes the big boys. 8^)

Phronk said...

He has no neck. It's like a thimble on top of a hunk of steak.